4-FPP (100g) : 4-FPP For Sale | Buy 4-FPP Online


4-FPP : 4-FPP For Sale | Buy 4-FPP Online

1-(4-Fluorophenyl)piperazine/4-FPP is a major metabolite of Niaparazine, a sedative, hypnotic drug. Metabolites of Niaprazine occurred by N-dealkylation, N-dearylation, aromatic hydroxylation and N-oxidatio n.

IUPAC-name:      1-(4-fluorophenyl) piperazine
Other names:        pFPP, 4-FPP,  Fluoperazine, Flipiperazine
CAS number:        64090-19-3
Formula:              C10H13FN2
Appearance:       White crystalline powder
Purity:                 99% min.

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