PV1-3 Powder 100g : PV1-3 For Sale | Buy PV1-3 Online


PV1-3 Powder : PV1-3 For Sale | Buy PV1-3 Online

The substance PV1-3 powder is an analogue of MDPV. The drug PV1-3 (Piperonylactone) is a synthetic compound which belongs to the class of amphetamines. The reviews about PV1-3 (trip) say that having got into the human body, this preparation produces an empathogenous and psycho stimulating effect very similar to the action of Methylone and MDMA. Some on-line stores sell this powder as a bath salt.

It’s stronger and longer than PV1-2
Purity:  99,9% min
Appearance:  white powder
Not for human consumption.